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Watch Out For Those Memorable Pitfalls

After reaching a certain age, I realized that I didn’t feel as confident while doing things like driving, climbing a ladder or walking on uneven ground. I know that I’m still capable of doing a lot of ordinary tasks but now being more careful is part of my everyday thinking. I must admit that I have had a few mishaps that probably wouldn’t have happened when I was younger. Our entire family has a great sense of humor and when we get together everyone loves to revisit crazy stories that have happened to each of us throughout the years. Following is one that they love to tell over and over often laughing until they cry.

A year ago, my husband and I decided to take three of our grandchildren to a show at the Galaxy Theatres in Riverbank. We bought candy and a large tub of popcorn to share. We then proceeded into the theater to find our seats. I was trying to be careful while carrying the popcorn being well aware that things do happen that aren’t always in my control. The kids found our seats and began to sit down as I suddenly tripped over something (They all say there was nothing there to trip over ... whatever!). I went down on both knees. I was amazed at how quickly I got up hoping that no one saw me fall. The kids and my husband all turned to see if I was alive with slight grins that would lead to laughter when they were sure that I would live. “Are you okay?”, they all asked. “Yes, I’m fine.”, I answered wondering if I would ever walk again. Two men a few rows above us yelled down to my 14-year-old grandson, “Is she okay?” To this, my grandson replied, “She’s fine, she does this a lot!” I started to deny that but memories of a fall at a car wash suddenly came flooding back. Once I sat down, I realized that amazingly, I held onto the popcorn tub the whole time but realized it was empty when my husband sighed and said, “Guess I’ll go get a refill!”

The kids and I noticed a woman and man walking through the aisle three rows down from us looking for their seats. The woman suddenly took her scarf off and starting dusting several seats as she passed them. Her husband looked puzzled as he asked, “Why are you cleaning those seats, they’re not ours?” Looking disgusted, she replied, “There is popcorn everywhere and it’s obvious that they don’t clean these theaters at all anymore!” My grandson turned to me and quietly said, “Grandma, that popcorn flew about six feet in the air, it was amazing!”

The moral of this story is: As a senior, always be extra cautious. And remember, trying to walk and carry a huge tub of popcorn at the same time can be risky. This could possibly bruise not only your knees but your self-esteem. Also, it will unfortunately end up as one of the most popular stories at family gatherings for many years to come!

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