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Saturday Sees Success For Yard Sale Shoppers
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At the corner of First and Oklahoma, a few different sales were offered up, bringing in people to peruse the wide variety of items available.
Happy with his $5 purchase, 10-year-old Theo Harp of Escalon was anxious to try out the telescope he found while yard sale shopping in the city on Saturday.

With bright sunshine and cool fall temperatures, the setting was perfect for some Saturday yard sale shopping … and Escalon residents pulled out all the stops in providing that opportunity for the community.

The annual citywide yard sale was hosted on Oct. 6, with sales scattered across the city, as well as some in designated spots such as the Main Street Park and church parking lots.

Many families also pulled out the gently used clothes, outgrown toys, old books and more, putting their items out to become someone else’s treasure.

Some enterprising folks on First Street also set up a sort of snack bar, with a steady stream of customers for the tacos, nachos, drinks and more to fuel up for more shopping.

Several neighborhoods featured multiple sale locations, so shoppers could park their vehicles and walk to a number of spots seeking out the perfect buy.

For 10-year-old Theo Harp, that ‘perfect’ find was a telescope.

“Viv has one and I wanted one,” he said of younger sister Vivienne already having a telescope. “I saw this, figured out it was $5 and I had $5.”

The purchase was a good one, he said, as he was looking forward to watching the stars that evening.

Meanwhile, younger sister Vivienne, 8, said she got an even better deal spending just $4 on a scooter for her American Girl doll.

Dad Chris Harp said the family was getting items together to donate to charity but figured they would try and sell some first, with some clothes, a few books and a stuffed animal or two being selected by shoppers.

“Whatever we don’t sell, we’ll give it to our neighbor or take to the Hope Chest,” Harp said.

Elsewhere, siblings McKaela, 8, and McKenna Waller, 10, were taking a little time to shop in between youth soccer games, checking out the goods along the area of Oklahoma and Rosina.

Many people had specific items they were searching for; others were perusing the variety of yard, garage and lawn sales just to see if they could find something a little special.

City officials said there weren’t quite as many sign-ups to get on the map as there have been in past years, but the event definitely featured dozens of sales for local residents and the out-of-town shoppers to enjoy.