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Sale Raises Scholarship, Mission Trips Money
There was less overall to choose from this year - perhaps a sign of the economy - but what was there offered high quality and a variety of choice, as residents took time to peruse the merchandise at the Escalon Covenant Church annual yard sale on Saturday.

Buyers by the dozens pored over the piles of clothing, small house wares, collectibles, games, glassware and more. Church secretary Marnie Jamerson said officials were pleased with the day, as buyers purchased items amounting to a little over $1,015. The final tally was $1,017.62.

"We had less stuff than in past years, we had probably a third," Jamerson pointed out, perhaps indicating that people are hanging on to their own possessions longer. "So to raise that amount, it was a huge blessing."

Funds raised go to help youngsters attend summer camp through the Covenant Church, as well as helping finance church members' mission trips.

Jamerson said volunteers log their hours helping out at the sale and proceeds are divided up, based on the amount of time spent working on the project.

Merchandise donated to the church yard sale was being organized and priced late last week, ahead of the Saturday event and workers Lois Dollarhide and JoAnn Watkins were among those handling the task.

"This is my third year," Dollarhide, a member of Escalon Covenant, said of working the yard sale.

Watkins, who is Dollarhide's neighbor, was on hand for a couple of reasons.

"Just donating," she said of offering some items for the sale. "And getting a sneak preview."

Dollarhide said her goal was to put items in the sale but not necessarily take anything 'new' home this year. Watkins, however, had her eye on some items while helping to sort through and anticipated making at least a couple of purchases on Saturday.

Escalon Covenant has been sending a team on a missions trip to help build Alaska Christian College for the past few years and money raised through the sale will help get the team started on their way again this year. Youth cam get help in paying for the Christian summer camp experience and Jamerson said the church has another program that also helps toward that end.

The church has a variety of gift cards available and a portion of the proceeds from those purchases help the mission and camp efforts, with Starbuck's, Bas Pro Shops, Ace Hardware and Barnes and Noble among the gift card offerings. The cards can be purchased at the church office, 1155 Escalon Ave., during regular hours or after church on Sundays.