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Non-Profit Group Plans Work Day To Aid Seniors
esc strong

A new non-profit organization in Escalon – Escalon Strong – is hitting the ground running. A group of Escalon residents with a heart to serve their local community, they are already planning their first project.

Organizers of the group said they realize that government cannot do everything, so a few Escalon residents have formed the non-profit corporation, Escalon Strong, to help citizens with various issues which are brought to their attention. The mission statement for this organization: “A community driven approach to aid and address the various quality of life issues affecting the citizens of Escalon” is simple and to the point, said group leaders.

Recently, Escalon Strong asked for logo suggestions, with the winning entry submitted by local artist Sonya Huff.

For their first project, the group members plan to have a work day at the Almond Grove Mobile Home Park. Previously known as Paddack Mobile Manor, the park is located along Jackson Avenue at the eastern edge of town.

Many of the senior citizens living there have seen rent increases, and many have been hit with “fix-it” notices. To help address the “fix-it” issues, Escalon Strong will put in some hours at the site. The group is organizing a workday for Saturday, Oct. 22. Escalon Strong members plan to address the ‘age in place’ type fixes needed for the seniors living at Almond Grove so they are able to stay in their homes long term.

Ahead of the work day, Escalon Strong is calling on all area carpenters, plumbers, painters, landscapers, and anyone willing and able to lend a hand in helping these senior citizens fix their issues. All that have some time to volunteer are asked to attend the work day on Saturday, Oct. 22 starting at 8 a.m.

Almond Grove is in the 2500 block of Jackson. Anyone willing to donate some time and expertise on this date is asked to sign up at

The mottos for that workday are “You leave your title at home and bring your shovel” and “Donate your time for our own.”

A local donor is matching donations made by the public to cover material expenses needed for the work day. Escalon Strong is also accepting cash or check donations at the site.

“Escalon Strong appreciates all who come to serve our senior citizens on October 22,” group officials noted.

Water and refreshments will be served on site during the work day as well.