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New Motorcycle Due For Police Department

Receiving a grant, the Escalon City Council formally accepted it and now the police department is in line to receive a special ‘Zero Motorcycle’ – an electric motorcycle that can be used in a variety of situations.

“Right now the money that is in the grant should cover the cost of the motorcycle itself,” said Escalon Police Chief Mike Borges. “Any additional money would be for training and there will be a minimal amount to purchase a helmet.”

The electric motorcycle should arrive “fully equipped” for going out on the road, and Borges said ideally it can be used for such tasks as traffic control, tight space pursuits, community service presentations and more.

Escalon worked in cooperation with the City of Ripon to apply for the grant funding.

“Ripon has some (electric motorcycles) already, and so does Ceres and a few other communities,” noted Borges.

The $20,000 grant for the department to purchase the motorcycle was awarded through an incentive program of the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, as the electric cycle helps cut down on air pollution. It is a ‘zero’ emission vehicle.

Borges is estimating it will be about six months before the motorcycle is in service, accounting for the time to find and purchase one and send an officer to training.

“It doesn’t really require a lot of special equipment, there’s no special radio with it,” the chief added. “I have to send an officer for a couple weeks of training before I can put anybody on it.”

The chief said he does anticipate the new motorcycle will in service in early 2017, in plenty of time to be introduced to the community at Park Fete next July.