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New Massage Specialist At Escalon Chiropractic
0904 Massage
Licensed Massage Therapist Jacqueline Giuntoli offers a water fountain, candles, soft lighting and relaxing music to enhance the overall client visit. She rents space in the office of Dr. John Bystrom in Escalon and features half-hour and hour-long massage treatments. Marg Jackson/The Times

Whether an hour a week just helps relax you or takes away the pains of the work day, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Jacqueline Giuntoli is on the job. A 2010 graduate of Escalon High School, she has rented space in the Escalon office of Dr. John Bystrom, Escalon Chiropractic, at the corner of Jackson Avenue and Fourth Street.

“I enjoy helping people, it’s very rewarding for me,” Giuntoli said of the satisfaction she gets from her work.

Recent client Gerri Andrade attested to the benefit.

“She’s wonderful,” said Andrade, who typically gets a massage once a month.

Giuntoli does half-hour and hour-long massage, offering both deep tissue and the kinder, gentler Shiatsu style that features a variety of stretches as well as massage. She studied at the Holistic Life Institute in Oakdale, completing 1,000 hours of training over a six-month period.

When a new patient comes in, Giuntoli said, they will fill out some paperwork for her, as their history and background can impact what type of massage will benefit them the most.

“Most everyone comes for an hour,” she said. “And I would say 80 percent of them like the deep tissue massage.”

Giuntoli started working in Dr. Bystrom’s office during her senior year at Escalon High for work experience as a chiropractic assistant and said that has proven beneficial, as most of his clients are also familiar with her. Many have added massage to their health regime, in addition to regular chiropractic visits.

Her massage room utilizes a water fountain, candles, music and soft lighting to help enhance the relaxing experience. She said that deciding to get that first massage can be a little intimidating, especially if people don’t know quite what to expect.

“I’m not too scary,” Giuntoli said, smiling. “Most everyone has seen me in here.”

Massage appointments are $45 for an hour, $25 for a half hour. She also does mobile massage, taking her equipment with her to appointments for those that have difficulty getting to the office. Giuntoli is in the chiropractic office Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and can be reached by calling 209-601-2307 to make an appointment. She is accepting new clients.

She said helping people makes her feel good and massage is becoming much more the ‘norm’ as part of health care.

“It is pampering, but it’s good for your overall health,” Giuntoli said.