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Letters To The Editor 11-20-19
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(Editor’s Note: This is a group of letters written by Escalon High School students as part of a class exercise, dealing with timely topics and issues of concern. The Times will run a few letters each week during November.)



Make The Change Now


Dear Editor,

Pollution is one of the biggest, if not, the biggest problem in the world. Pollution is leading to other problems in the world and those problems affect ranchers, our sea, and our everyday lives. If we do not take action fast we will all face irreversible consequences. Now, my generation is called gen Z, as if we are the last generation and if we continue to not try to attempt to make changes, we will be the last generation. Pollution has caused fires that have led to animal’s extinction; it also causes harsher weather which causes damage to people and houses. I would like to live in a future where I can have kids and I can watch my child grow up and I would also like to see my child become a parent as well. The harsh truth is, at this point my future can look completely different than what I picture it as.

If the government doesn’t step in soon, the consequences will come in a short period of time. I believe the government should turn our society into a more eco-friendly society. To make a change we can get solar panels, drive an electric car, or even plant more trees in the neighborhood. Now I know most of the things that are listed are very costly and take up some of your time, that’s why we should all contribute in doing the smaller things like, recycling, not using as much plastic, don’t leave so many useless lights on in the house, and so much more.

I would like to have kids that grow up in a safe and clean environment and have my kids’ kids grow up in a safe environment. I am also sure you want the same thing. So then let’s start making a change, a change to better the environment.

Cameron Maruyama



Life Skills Help Sought


Dear Editor,

Why does Escalon High School no longer offer life skills elective? Or at least a class that prepares students more effectively for the real world? This new course could provide beneficial topics like general housekeeping, cooking/food prep, basic accounting, business techniques, and possibly even driver’s education. Today, there are more and more young adults overwhelmed by life aspects that they were uninformed about in high school. This can lead them to be ultimately unprepared.

Although Escalon High School does offer many helpful classes, some can be useful for only certain career paths. In most situations, students don’t know what they want to do after high school. A life skills course would prove handy for all career choices. Even if these topics were as simple as ironing clothes or changing a car tire, it would help all students. This can eventually better prepare graduates to provide for families, run businesses, and etc. It can also introduce career options, like other electives. These classes could help build students’ common sense and sense of responsibility. Overall, a life skills class would better prepare students for life after high school.


Kelly Kroon



What Constitutes A Sport?


Dear Editor,

A sport basically means competing in some sort of competition. In sports you must try out to see if you make the team. Sports, you must have a physical and have the right grade and GPA. Cheerleaders do compete in competitions. In order to be a cheerleader, you must have a physical, try out, have the right grades and GPA. Yet people say cheer is not a sport. However, we must do the same things as “sports”.

Yes, we cheer on the sidelines, but we compete too. We have the same amount of practices and condition the same amount as the other sports do. Other sports have protective wear to keep them from not getting hurt. For example, football players wear pads and soccer players have shin guards. Cheerleaders have their uniform and a bow. Flyers get thrown in the air and three to four girls have the responsibility of keeping her safe and catching her, without injuring themselves. Cheer is a dangerous sport and should be taken more seriously. Thank you for your time.


Molly Bergen