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Council Considers Changes To Non-Profit Group Status

Presented with a request from a group out of neighboring Riverbank for non-profit status to allow for a lower cost to utilize the Escalon Community Center, members of the Escalon City Council tabled the group’s request … but decided to review the entire process.

“They asked staff to bring the whole list and process back,” City Manager Tammy Alcantor said.

The city has a list of roughly three dozen organizations considered ‘non-profit’ in terms of Community Center use, which offers the facility at a reduced rate for events. Alcantor said the list was revised several years ago, following the major renovation at the Community Center, but council members indicated it may be time to review it again.

“They just want to make sure the list isn’t too broad,” noted Alcantor. “We also want to make sure those that are on the list are using the Community Center.”

The move isn’t meant to penalize any specific groups or organizations, officials noted, but just to get a clearer picture of what non-profits make regular use of the facility and could most benefit from the reduced rental fees.

“In general, we list all Escalon churches,” Alcantor said. “We even spell out the school district and local schools.”

All of those are likely to remain on the list, but she said the staff will bring a complete list and the steps groups must complete to be included on the list to a future meeting. It will likely be one of the council sessions in March when that presentation will be made, Alcantor said.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 20 due to the observance of the Presidents’ Day holiday on Monday, Feb. 19. That session already has a busy agenda with presentation of an audit, review of potential water rate increases and the anticipated annual report of crime statistics for the city being among the top items.