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Leaf Disposal, Street Sweeping Guidelines Offered For Residents

With an eye toward requirements put in effect by the State Water Resources Control Board, the City of Escalon is evaluating current practices and implementing processes that protect storm water runoff.

Officials said this is especially true during the fall, when many residents are dealing with falling leaves on their lawns.

Leaves and plant debris are an unexpected source of stormwater pollution, officials noted, where they, like fertilizer, contribute excess nitrogen to local waterways. As the leaves decompose, the water quality decreases. In an effort to meet the stormwater requirements, residents need to keep grass clippings and leaves away from the city’s storm drains and out of the street.

A few simple guidelines are being offered by local officials. They ask that residents deposit leaves and clippings in your green waste can and not in the street, along with making sure to sweep fallen leaves away from storm drain inlets to prevent neighborhood street flooding.

Additional Green Waste containers can be ordered from City Hall and cost less than $3.50 a month if needed to assist with leaf disposal.

For more information, contact the city’s Public Works Department at 691-7470.

Also a reminder that, through the end of the year, city streets will be swept every week on either Tuesday or Wednesday; streets northeast of Main Street will be done on Tuesdays and those southwest of Main Street on Wednesdays. Residents can view the street sweeping schedule and map on the Street and Traffic section of the city’s website on the Public Works page at