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“Here’s To Hoping!”
Senior Corner 12-16-20
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Is there really light at the end of this tunnel? When we hear someone hacking and coughing in the pharmacy aisle, will we cease to have the urge to dart out the first door that we find? Will we really stop judging each other on how much we wear our masks and how efficient they are? Can we someday go to a theater or restaurant and view the person sitting next to us as a fellow patron having a nice evening instead of seeing red if they sit too close? I was watching a movie, the other day, and the group of people in it were in a restaurant and I automatically thought, “Wow, they are sitting way too close and where are their masks?” I then remembered that that was and hopefully soon will be our real lives again.

I just want to go dancing until I have to bring out my dancing fan because I have overheated from the cha cha. Imagine kicking up our heels while letting all of the stress, worries and judgements of this past year melt off like those extra Hershey bar pounds that I have accumulated lately. I fell off of my front step the other day and with that, I thought ahhhh, just like old times. O.K., that’s my desperation in wanting everything, good or bad, to go back to the way it was. Christmas always brings a warm feeling of hope and inspiration for all of our wishes to be granted. I am hoping that the gift of Christmas and the New Year will help us to realize our need to care about each other more and pick each other up when we fall off our step. We really don’t need Christmas wishes or New Year’s resolutions, just a sincere appreciation for what was and what could be. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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