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Farmington News for April 10, 2013
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I can tell that spring is here. Allergies and our chickens are brooding. We have one in particular that we knew she had a nest someplace, but couldn’t find it. Ed finally found her in the recycle bin. Thinking it was not very comfortable trying to nest on top of the aluminum cans, he decided to make it better for the little Bantam hen. He removed all of the cans and made her a nest of a plastic bag suspended closer to the opening. After a couple of days the plastic broke through and the hen and eggs fell to the bottom. Ed was able to save some of the eggs and found an old tray that fit the opening just right. Now, the little Bantam has resumed her nesting and we are hoping the best for her.

Three weeks ago we were in Modesto and spotted a feed store. Thought we would stop to see what exciting items they had inside. Well, I found baby Bronze Turkeys. I purchased four, hoping I would at least come home with a tom and a hen. They are such curious little creatures. They come up to me and let me rub their chest. Hopefully when they get grown, they will continue to let me rub their chests. I am trying to make them tame so not to run from me, like the chickens do.

On Friday a neighbor called and said they have two turkey eggs. Bring them over I said. Ed got out our incubator and I put them in it. I had to read my chicken book in what the necessary procedure was in order to be successful in hatching these two eggs. You have to adjust the temperature to the right degree. Keep the interior moist. I have hatched Pheasants, Rhode Island Reds, but never a turkey. Hopefully it will work for them. Will let you know how it turns out.


I don’t think anyone can for forget that dreaded Income Tax Day. But, if you have it is Monday April 15th.


Notice of a Public Hearing in regards to the Central San Joaquin Conservation District. The public hearing will be held at 7:00 P.M. on Thursday, April 18, 2013 at the Farmington Fire Station, Farmington, California.

All persons interested in this matter are invited to be present at this meeting and submit oral statements regarding this project.


Please contact me either by E-Mail or phone 896-6697.