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Well, 2013 is around the corner. My New Year wish is that the New Year will be a joyful and prosperous one for every person on this planet. And, that all of the military service personnel that are fighting for our freedom to return home safely.

I am not going to make any New Year resolutions, as I always seem to break them. I am going to have a positive attitude, and not think negative. Whatever happens, I will slough it off and what will be, will be. I am moving on!

Ed and I have always left our Christmas tree up until after January 1st. This time I have decided it is coming down before January 1st. It bugs me to see it sitting there with no gifts underneath. So, that is my decision.

Of course we will be having black eyed peas on New Year's Day. (Don't you forget.) Haven't really decided on the complete menu. Been knocking around a few ideas. Maybe I will talk my son-in-law Wes into cooking the turkey that we raised and is now in the freezer. As you know, black eyed peas taste good with any kind of food. I have also been thinking about having fried okra. Love fried okra! Also, maybe a green bean casserole and broccoli salad. To top it off for dessert a chocolate cream pie and brownie for the grandkids. Maybe I will make an apple pie for Ed, as that's his favorite. That sounds pretty good and I know it will be a tasty meal.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! See you next year!


Farmington Elementary School will be closed for the winter break Monday, December 24 and will return to classes on Monday, January 7, 2013.


Happy Anniversary to Joey and Jeannine Kroon on Sunday, January 30.


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