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One holiday down, Christmas and New Years to go. Do not get me wrong; I love the Holidays, as that is when the whole family gets together. Family is very important to me.

What I do not like is having to cook. You see, I am not a good cook. I cannot run out to a fast food place, as we do not have any here in Farmington and only two choices in Escalon. My mom tried to teach me, she was a very good cook in her younger days. I just was not interested, so I did not pay that much attention. Since I have moved to Farmington, I have learned how to cook better meals than I used to. I even try new foods. I try to make the best meals out of such items as chicken, pork and of course beef. You see beef is my favorite, chicken is for frying only and pork is either ham or pork chops. Since we have moved here, we have raised our own beef and pork. There are some dishes we have had to feed to the pigs. Husband Ed is supportive when I put something different in front of him. He will eat as much as he can. However, after the meal is over, if it wasn't all that good, he will say, "Do you want me to get the bucket for the pigs"?

Now desserts are another story in itself. I love most desserts. Always trying new ones and trying to improve on others. You would not believe all of the flour, sugar and other ingredients that the pigs get. I guess that is the reason they are so tasty.

For Thanksgiving, I wanted to make a different kind of pie, so I made a sweet potato pie. I have heard they were very good. Guess where that pie ended up?

I do not cook the turkey or dressing. My mom used to, my son-in-law does that now. The reason for me not doing the turkey, it is not my thing to do. I only eat fried chicken, cannot stand the taste of turkey. I know you are thinking this woman has a screw loose. Maybe so, but I have never been able to handle turkey or dressing. I really like the rest of the food that is traditional to Thanksgiving.

This year was my year to make chocolate cream pies. I have used the same recipe ever since I was a teenager. I learned to make that at an early age as chocolate cream pie is my most favorite. In Oklahoma, I never had an issue with the cream pie, but here for some reason the meringue topping weeps. I found a new recipe this time and made the pie and a different recipe for the meringue and even my children said it was the best I had ever done. That recipe is going in my recipe box for good. I had a very good Thanksgiving and I hope you did, too.


I would still like to hear from you. Have you taken a trip? Have you had out of town visitors? Let me know of family birthdays, anniversaries and new arrivals to your family. Whatever you want to add to the Farmington News is welcome.

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