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From 'The History of Old Farmington, by Ruth Hewitt Herbert and Aileen Groves':The natives of Farmington in the late 1870's were fine people, but like all good people they went astray and would need to be confined to the calaboose for a spell. Therefore, a jail had to be built. It was built in a log cabin fashion out of two-by-four's and had a little window in the back so the prisoners could have a little light. It had iron bars that ran into the logs so the prisoners could not escape through the windows. The interior walls were lined with cork. A few years later, (as Farmington folks did not need to be jailed) the calaboose was moved by A. Grant Campbell to his home north of town where it was used as a storeroom.

This appeared in the STOCKTON INDEPENDENT on October 12, 1881: Yesterday afternoon about four o'clock a man driving a big white Ox stopped to water the animal at the ranch of A.W. Pinneo, after his departure Mr. Pinneo went into the house, missing a valuable ring from the table, and further search developed the fact that a change of underclothes, a white shirt, a razor and another ring were also missing. Mr. Pinneo came to Farmington about dark and found the man had gone to bed and concluded not to disturb him until morning. Justice of Peace R.F. Van Vlear issued a warrant for his arrest and this morning West Duly arrested the fellow who delivered the missing articles before Mr. Duly had finished reading the warrant, and the man with the big white Ox departed in peace.


Happy Birthday to Stewart Brodie, Sunday, December 11th.


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