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One of my readers sent me this very nice e-mail about his adventures in Farmington. I want to thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule to let me know how much he liked the column and how he enjoyed living in Farmington as a youngster. Hope you recognize Steve Scott, who now lives in New York State:

Dear Joan,

I want to let you know how much I enjoy your "Farmington News" columns in the Escalon Times. I was born in Stockton, but my parents moved to a walnut ranch on Bartolomei Road, west of Farmington, in 1968. I started second grade at Farmington School that year, and still have clear memories of the old auditorium, with its big (for a second grader) stage and attached kitchen. I remember the day the auditorium was demolished. My father claimed some bricks from the building. Those bricks have been lost through the years.

I was saddened recently to hear of the death of our dear "lunch lady," Virgie Lewis. What a sweet, sweet lady.

I played Little League - not very well - on the grassy field immediately beyond the playground area. There were "big kid" ball diamonds in a field beyond that. As I recall, those fields often fell into disrepair. That back area was like the Wild West to us kids!

I have memories of a large, abandoned warehouse that stood just west of the firehouse, right along the railroad tracks. As a kid I really wanted to explore that old building, but I don't think I ever got a chance to.

Ogilvie's store was an amazing place for a kid to wander through back in the day! Howard and Dolly were always very nice to me.

I remember Doc Alders well. He used to let me poke around his station, looking for old stuff. There was a lot of it! Maybe that's why I still like antiques today.

My father, unfortunately, spent way too much time at the Golden Pheasant bar. Way too much.

Through the magic of Face Book, I've been able to reconnect with some of my former classmates. I was so happy to hear that Hiram and Deanna Bell are doing well. The same with Don and Judy Briggs. The Bells and Briggs were very involved with the Farmington 4-H club. More than four decades later, I have never forgotten their incredible kindness. What lovely people they are!

I fished and swam in Little John's Creek, and rode my bicycle along the many dusty roads that followed the creek. I remember "discovering" a pioneer graveyard along the creek, east of Stanley Road. Of course, I didn't really discover it! But, to a 10-year-old kid, it was like riding back in time. I would park my bike, look at the headstones and try to picture the people as they were back in their era. I bet I spent dozens of hours there...just using my imagination!

I don't get back to Farmington too often these days - it's been years, really. But, I do have some fun memories of the town, and I very much enjoy reading your column every week. Thank you for your good work!


Steve Scott (Escalon High School Class of 1979)

Steve Scott, News Anchor

WCBS News radio 880

New York, NY 10014


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