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Principally Speaking
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Collegeville Students

Excited About Learning



Principal, Collegeville Elementary

Collegeville currently has 136 students. All of our classrooms are College themed. Throughout the year each grade has certain college vocabulary terms they learn. In April we will have a College and Career Day where students will display their research on their college or career of choice. Students and teachers are looking forward to this day.

This year, Collegeville School also has upgraded technology in every classroom. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive Mimio board. The Mimio board makes learning more student-centered and fosters student collaboration and engagement. In addition, in grades 3-5 each student has their own Chromebook to use during the school day.

This month we will be having an International Day Celebration. Collegeville prides itself in the fact that it has children from many different cultures and languages in its community of students. This celebration encourages students to have pride in their own culture, and also to have respect and understanding for people of other cultures. On celebration day, students travel with their “passports” through the different places/classrooms to learn about the different cultures.

On Fridays twice a month you can find me teaching PE to the entire school while teachers get professional learning community time. A professional learning community, or PLC, is a group of educators that meets regularly, shares expertise, and works collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students. Research shows that educators in schools that have embraced PLCs are more likely to:

Take collective responsibility for student learning, help students achieve at higher levels, and express higher levels of professional satisfaction.

Share teaching practices, make results transparent, engage in critical conversations about improving instruction, and institutionalize continual improvement.

Improve student achievement and their professional practice at the same time that they promote shared leadership.

Experience the most powerful and beneficial professional development.

Remain in the profession.

Lastly, I wanted to highlight what is happening in our amazing Afterschool Program. ASP is currently offering a research-based curriculum called “Talk It Out” which is a conflict resolution program designed for an elementary school environment. The program has been designed to teach students the language tools to resolve and reduce daily social conflict. Students learn conflict-resolution skills through role playing appropriate responses to conflict, discussing normal emotional responses to conflict, experiencing time to stop and cool off, gathering information to make better choices about the conflict situation, talking and listening to each other, negotiating a solution and learning to become a peace-maker. The program will be offered for the next six weeks.

Additionally, beginning in March, ASP is implementing a “Modern Woodmen’s” Youth Educational Program. The Modern Woodmen’s “Ecology Awareness” Program helps children understand the part humans play in the environment and the ecological impact of their actions. It leads them to make informed choices and grow into responsible citizens. Modern Woodmen is a member-owned fraternal financial services organization. Since 1883, Modern Woodmen has brought people together, supported families and strengthened communities nationwide.

Thank you for taking the time to read a few things about Collegeville. It is a great school!



Principally Speaking is a monthly article, contributed by principals from Escalon Unified School District sites, throughout the school year. It is designed to update the community on school events and activities.