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Apple Day Celebrates Bounty Of Fall
Apple Day
There was no shortage of toppings to choose from when making caramel apples on Friday, Sept. 27 at Dent Elementary, one of the fun activities hosted as part of Apple Day.
All the ingredients for a piece of apple pie were provided as TK and kindergarten student at Dent Elementary made their way around the stations for Apple Day festivities on Friday.
Apple Day
Volunteer Jenny Thompson was helping young artists create masterpieces using apples dipped in paint.

Dent Elementary kindergarten and TK students had the chance to enjoy all things apple on Friday, Sept. 27.

The first ever Apple Day featured crafts, games, food and more, with several different stations set up for the students, who visited them in groups on a rotating basis.

There was an apple toss game, relay race, making apple crowns, painting with apples, taste testing, and more. Youngsters especially seemed to like the chance to put together all the ingredients for their own piece of apple pie, as well as pick the toppings to dip their fresh caramel apple into for later eating enjoyment.

“Making the caramel apple,” kindergarten student Kaili Bartelink, 5, said of what she liked the most. “My mom loves caramel apples, I’m going to share it with mommy and daddy and (younger sister) Gracie.”

The day was a combined effort of the TK and kindergarten teachers, said Jamie Peoples, who said it was definitely a successful event.

“We’ve been learning about apples all month,” she explained of culminating September with the special Apple Day. “We also learned about Johnny Appleseed, it was just his birthday.”

Six classes took part and rotated through the stations, spending a certain amount of time at each activity.

“We had tons of parent help,” Peoples added. “This was our first one and we had an amazing turnout of parent help, grandparents too and the kids are having a blast, that’s what it’s all about.”