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Downward Trend Seen In County COVID Cases
sj health dept

Hospitals in San Joaquin County report having 51 COVID positive patients admitted for care as of Monday afternoon, April 12. Adult intensive care units (ICU) are operating at 98 percent of licensed bed capacity.

Over the past week, the number of COVID hospitalizations has decreased by 20.3 percent.

As a reminder for local residents, San Joaquin County is now vaccinating anyone 18 years or older who live or work in San Joaquin County. Visit to make an appointment.

And though patient deaths due to COVID and hospitalizations are seeing reductions, county health officials said residents should still follow the basic pandemic guidelines that have been in place for more than a year, such as wearing masks and observing social distance protocols.

What People Should Do If They Have A Medical Emergency Or Are Sick:

Do not delay seeking care. If you are experiencing a medical emergency such as a heart attack, stroke, difficulty breathing or altered mental status contact 911 to activate the EMS system. If you are ill or sick, contact your physician or healthcare provider.

How People Can Protect Themselves:

Every person has a role to play. Your actions can save lives.

DO: Stay home; Avoid people outside your household; Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; Wear a face mask when out in public; Cover your cough or sneeze; Frequently clean and disinfect touched objects and surfaces; Maintain physical distance of six feet whenever outside of the house; Stay away from work, school or other people if you become sick with respiratory symptoms like fever and cough.

More information about the county’s COVID cases is available at the San Joaquin County Public Health Services website: