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Covered California Sets New Enrollment Record
covered CA

Covered California Executive Director Jessica Altman applauded the recent announcement from President Biden’s administration, which highlighted the anniversary of the American Rescue Plan and the increased investments to expand health care coverage and reduce costs for Americans.

The American Rescue Plan, Altman said, “opened the doors of health care coverage” to more people than ever before by building on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) at a time when people needed it most.

In California, a record-high 1.8 million people are now part of the 14.5 million Americans nationally with health plans through an ACA marketplace.

“Now, one year in we have seen how the law has literally changed millions of lives by increasing the financial help available to purchase health insurance and enable individuals and families to get the care they need,” Altman pointed out. “As we look to the future, the evidence is clear: The American Rescue Plan helps families by lowering premiums, increasing enrollment and ensuring access to care. For millions of people, these American Rescue Plan subsidies are critical to preserving the gains we have made so far and keeping Californians and Americans covered and cared for well into the future.”