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City Of Escalon Plans Community Meeting

The future of Escalon will come into focus later this month.

Escalon City Council members, in cooperation with city staff, have scheduled a special Community Meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 6 p.m.

“It will be more or less a general meeting,” said Mayor Robert Swift. “We want to know where are people at in town, what do they see as a priority.”

Swift said council members have some ideas regarding infrastructure and items that need to be addressed but they also want to open up a session to the community to get input from residents on what they feel is most important for the city moving forward.

“They might have questions about can we have a railroad overcrossing, or why do we have so many dollar stores in town; we also want to know what they want in town,” Swift explained.

The session will be hosted at the Escalon Community Center, 1055 Escalon Avenue and is open to all interested.

“It is an official meeting because all five of us (council members) will be there,” said Swift.

Possible topics will include: What kind of growth residents want in regards to residential and business or are they satisfied with the current growth; does the city want to allow any kind of cannabis businesses in the city, whether dispensaries or growing facilities; and a look at the city’s infrastructure needs in water, sewer and storm systems.

“It’s just a feel for what people are thinking,” Swift added. “It’s a brainstorming session; it should be good.”