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April is National Earthquake Preparedness Month
Graphic earthquake

During Earthquake Preparedness Month, the state is sharing multilingual resources and calling on Californians to sign up for alerts through the state’s first-in-the-nation Earthquake Early Warning System to prepare for the next big one. The MyShake App is now available in English, Spanish, Chinese (traditional), Vietnamese, Korean and Filipino.


Download App to Get Earthquake Warnings

Earthquake Warning California is the country’s first publicly available, statewide warning system giving California residents crucial seconds to Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Sign up to get alerts to your phone as soon as shaking is detected by ground motion monitoring:

MyShake App: Free smartphone app that provides iPhone and Android users with audio and visual warnings.

Local Alerts

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs): No-cost text messages for emergency situations

Individuals, businesses and communities can take steps today to protect life and property when a serious earthquake strikes.


Know your risks

Visit to learn about local risks

Prepare your home by securing furniture, appliances, home fuel systems and more


Make a plan

Create a customized emergency plan for your specific needs

Build an emergency contact list

Build an emergency supply kit with copies of important documents


Know how to protect yourself during an earthquake

DROP to the ground, COVER your head with your arms, and HOLD ON to your neck until shaking stops

Remain vigilant for aftershocks

Check in on family and friends after shaking stops

Reach out to your emergency contacts

Check in with those in your community who may need additional assistance

Listen to local authorities and official resources


The Listos California campaign, which works to expand access to lifesaving emergency preparedness information, offers earthquake preparedness resources in several languages.