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Plenty of fishing spots along SJ, Stanislaus
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Want to go fishing but don’t have the time to take a drive up into the mountains?

Don’t worry – with both the Stanislaus and San Joaquin rivers right in our backyard, you’ll be able to scratch your itch without having to rack up the miles on your vehicle.

Here are some ideas of places worth checking out if you’re looking to land a decent fish and enjoy the peaceful scenery that is around us.

*Caswell Memorial State Park – Located just outside of Manteca, this rare gem that boasts acres and acres of old growth oak trees that have remained untouched along the banks of the Stanislaus River offer some of the rare beauty found at the higher elevations but within a 15 minute drive from your front door. It costs money to enter the park, but those who will be blown away by the meandering banks of the Stanislaus River and the majestic cover that the oaks provide – perfect for those looking for a little bit of fishing in their spare time. During the summer the park is often crowded with campers and those using the facilities during the day, so note very beach is perfect for fishing. But within the park you’re likely to find that one perfect bend.

*Two Rivers – Just up the road in South Manteca two rivers – the Stanislaus and the San Joaquin – converge before flowing out towards the San Francisco Bay. It is here that you’re likely to hook up with a variety of different fish, whether it’s ocean-run fish coming back upstream or freshwater fish that are abundant in the area. But you have to be careful when getting there. A lot of the land near the confluence of these rivers is privately owned by farmers, and trespassing is not tolerated. If you’re willing to poke around and find that perfect hole it will be more than worth your while.

*McHenry Recreation Area – This park located between Modesto, Ripon and Escalon is geared towards swimmers and those who want to spend the day enjoying the cool water of the Stanislaus River. But the bends in the river and the cool temperatures make it a wonderful choice for fisherman, and there are more than enough access points to the water to not interfere with families who are enjoying their summer days on the beach. Whether it’s fly fishing or drifting a worm, you’re likely to find something of value here. To get there take River Road out of Ripon east towards Modesto. The entrance will be on the right, and if you make it McHenry Avenue you’ve gone about a mile too far.

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