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Make The Most Of Fun Days At The Beach
Beach trip pix

Millions of people visit the beach each summer. For some people, there is no better place than the beach, where they can listen to the waves crash on the shore and smell the briny air.

The United States Lifesaving Association routinely compiles statistics on beach attendance, watercraft use and other recreational information, estimating that 367,231,142 people took to beaches across the country in 2015, the most recent reporting year. Cool coastal temps and refreshing oceans and lakes make the beach an ideal place to survive the heat.

While a trip to the beach has the makings of a great day, a few tips can help make these sun- and sand-filled days even better.


Protect electronics

Sand and surf can be calming, but not if your newest mobile phone gets doused with the incoming tide. For those bringing their phones or tablets along, steps to protect the gadgets can make the day even more calming. A zip-seal plastic bag can do the trick, and you can still access the screen through the plastic. If you plan to spend time on a boat, you may want to invest in waterproof, floating pouches.


Keep clean

Sand gets everywhere at the beach, so it can be a challenge to remain clean. Invest in a beach blanket where the sand falls through like a sieve, such as the Quicksand Mat from CGear. Pack baby powder in your beach bag, which will help loosen sand from kids’ bodies before they get back in the car. And while at the beach, use hand-decorated aluminum cans as drink cozies to keep condensing beverage bottles from becoming caked with sand.


Time beauty regimens right

Shaving legs or underarms right before heading to the beach can result in some painful irritation. It’s best to shave the night before diving into saltwater or even pool water. If you need a last-minute touch-up, use mineral oil while shaving to help keep irritation to a minimum.

It’s important to apply sunscreen to the skin approximately 15 minutes before heading outdoors so that it has time to absorb, advises the American Academy of Dermatology. If you wait until you get to the beach, you put your skin at risk. Use a self-tanner for bronze skin rather than soaking up the rays.


Hide your money

Leaving your money or belongings out in the open may entice thieves. Camouflage items of value by storing them in an empty sunscreen bottle nestled in a beach bag.


Stay cool


Purchase or make a vividly patterned tarp/tent to offer a shady respite. This will also help the family find their way back to your beach spot. Place sandals or flip-flops face-down in the sand or on a blanket to ensure they won’t be scalding after a day at the beach.