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In Cahoots For A Belly Busting Breakfast
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Cahoots Corner Caf co-owner Athen Sinodinos and manager Luis Arauza are just two of the many smiling faces on hand each day to greet customers at Oakdales popular breakfast stop. Teresa Hammond/209 Living


209 Staff Reporter

One need not look much further than the corner of East F Street and First Avenue in Oakdale to find the perfect fixin’s in the way of breakfast.

A town staple in the way of dining locals, as well as those passing through can be found enjoying anything from the popular biscuits and gravy to the healthier side of egg whites scrambled with a plate of fruit or cottage cheese.

“The chicken fried is our most popular,” co-owner Athen Sinodinos said of the breakfast menu. “Our chicken fried steak we tenderize ourself. It’s not frozen, it’s fresh.”

The popular item is coated with gravy and served alongside two eggs, potatoes and toast. Breakfast, as well as lunch, is served all day.

Tucked away in an unassuming location of the Cowboy Capital, Sinodinos shared Friday through Sunday to be the busiest time for breakfast.

“Thanks to the new addition it reduces the wait time,” manager Luis Arauza said of the diner’s recent renovation, “from half an hour to ten minutes.”

“We turn our tables really fast,” Sinodinos added, noting the size of the parking lot and the staff’s ability to keep up with the demand of its hungry customers.

The western theme, down home interior setting is one to make even the ‘City Slicker’ feel right at home.

“It’s like family in here,” Arauza said. “A lot of the regulars start parking and we have their drinks ready when they come in.”

Adding to its quaint, family feel, Sinodinos shared a fact many regulars may not be privy to.

“Every morning the farmers (and ranchers) actually have the keys and open up,” he said. “They come in and get the coffee going. They take the chairs down, get all the creamers on the tables. They even roll out the carpets. They get everything ready.”

As for his personal favorite on the menu the co-owner said, “There’s too many. We’re constantly updating our specials. We can customize a lot of things. I like the country scramble.”

Arauza favors the Joes’ scramble, two eggs scrambled with ground beef, white onions, mushrooms and spinach served with potatoes and toast.

“I think we’re just family oriented,” Sinodinos said of the returning clientele as well as the tourist-type. “It’s a fun place to work and a family atmosphere. We offer more than a great menu. We offer great service.”


Cahoots Corner Café is located at 110 E. F St., Oakdale. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday from 5 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Sunday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Breakfast and lunch are available any time of day. To go orders are welcome by calling 209-848-0955.