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Salmon Catch Tops Out Over 100 Pounds
The father-son tandem of Phil Bava and Mike Bava of Escalon recently returned from a very successful salmon fishing trip to Gold Beach, Oregon.

Fishing with pro guide Chris Young 17 miles upstream on the Rogue River, Mike landed both a 38-pound and a 20-pound Chinook salmon, while Phil successfully landed one Chinook that went 32 pounds and another that went 20 pounds.

Back on dry land, the two had the salmon weighed in at Lex's Landing, where owner Larry Pristeninza was happy to weigh them in as the biggest catch of the week.

Together, the Chinook tipped the scales at 110 pounds.

The fishing trip was a great success for both fishermen, enjoying the fight of the salmon and winning the battle to get them in the boat.

The two traveled to Oregon in mid July for the trip on the Rogue River.