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Trio Of Outlaws Teams Take Down Calaveras

The Escalon Outlaws varsity squad took the field Saturday to face the Calaveras Jr. Reds. Escalon looked to bounce back from their performance of the opening week, aiming to improve on their 0-1 record, but had a tough task ahead with the always daunting Jr. Reds.

The Outlaws received the opening kick-off. It did not take long for Escalon to make their mark on the game. It took just two plays for the Outlaws to score. JP Lial would sweep right of the Calaveras defense scampering 45-yards down the right sideline setting up first down and goal-to-go inside the Jr. Reds’ 5-yard line. Evan Lewis would carry the ball the remaining three yards into the Calaveras end zone. The point after touchdown kick was blocked, but the score would still read 6-0 Outlaws.

The Outlaws’ defense would force a punt on the Jr. Reds’ first possession, but the ensuing punt would roll out of bounds at the Escalon 1-yard line. The next play would result in a safety giving Calaveras their first points, closing the scoring gap to 6-2. Calaveras would drive the ball inside the Outlaws 5-yard line, but would turn the ball over to the Outlaws with a bad quarterback and running back exchange. Escalon would again start a possession under the shadow of their goal post. Calaveras would again trap the Outlaws in their own end zone for another safety, notching another two points, creeping closer on the scoreboard to 6-4.

The first half would close with an interception by Josh Miller as he leaped in front of a Calaveras receiver. The Outlaws had time on the clock, but could not get any traction for a push to the Calaveras end zone.

Escalon held on the first possession for Calaveras to turn the ball over on downs to open the second half of play. A steady ground assault by Lewis, Lial and Tinoco moved Escalon down the field. The drive resulted in a six-yard run through the left side of the Calaveras defense for Lial into the Jr. Reds’ end zone. The point after touchdown kick was good by Lial extending the Outlaws’ lead to 14-4.

The fourth quarter was a battle between the 20-yard lines as neither team could gain momentum to make a serious push toward either end zone. The Escalon defense was much improved after last week with performances by Nathan Chavez, Austin Roberts and Tyler Medina.

The Outlaws will look toward the safe confines of home field advantage to face the Waterford Sabrecats next weekend to improve on their 1-1 record.



The Jr. Varsity Outlaws were looking to battle the Calaveras Jr. Reds to improve their 1-0 record. After the first quarter the teams looked evenly matched as neither team could gather enough momentum to drive into either end zone. Escalon would take the last possession of the first quarter into the second with a steady ground game. The Outlaws were able to scratch their way onto the scoreboard with a six-yard run around the left end by Donovan Rozevink. The point after touchdown kick was converted by Jacob Martin making the score 8-0 for the Outlaws.

The Jr. Reds would threaten as their running back steaked down the left sideline only to be caught from behind by Colton Page, saving a potentially game tying touchdown. This would prove to be a bigger moment, as Calaveras would turn the ball over on the next play with a fumble recovered by Jamin Miller. The Outlaws could not capitalize before the halftime siren sounded.

Escalon opened the second half of the game with the ball, but would send it the Jr. Reds’ way with a punt. Calaveras would only give the ball right back with a fumble on their first play. The Outlaws would turn this opportunity into points. Two plays later Escalon scored with a race around the right end by Owen Nash. The point after kick would be converted again by Martin extended the score to 16-0.

The Outlaws’ defense kept up the pressure throughout the remaining time of the third quarter and into the fourth. The scoring would end with another Jr. Reds’ fumble that resulted in immediate points. Jamin Miller scooped up the loose ball and outdistanced the Calaveras pursuit escorted by a trio of Outlaws’ blockers. The point after touchdown was missed this time, but the score would reach its final at 22-0.



The Novice Outlaws would test their mettle to notch another win at the expense of the Calaveras Jr. Reds. This game was a defensive battle. The Outlaws would outlast the Jr. Reds to come out on top 7-0. The only score was marked by a three-yard run by Austin Cullum through the center of the Calaveras defense. The point after touchdown was converted on a rush by Jacob Cavanaugh around the left end.

Giovanni Chavez, Carson Medina, and Hayden McPherson led the Outlaws’ defensive efforts attacking inside and out. Many of the offensive runs were led by the blocking of Ryan Miligi.



The Jr. Novice Outlaws were again on the field, again in exhibition, to show that they are learning the game. The offensive line of Oscar Lopez, Leo Marrufo, Ethan Tellez, Ethan Butler, and Benett Guevara opened the running lanes for Conner McDowell and Noah Dooley. The Escalon defensive effort was led by Leo Marrufo and Griffin Gerber.