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Student-Athlete Preps For East Coast Football
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An El Portal Middle School seventh grader will be heading to Florida soon to suit up for the All-American Bowl.

This year, Giavanni Brunetti has been selected for the 12- and 13-year-old team after competing in the Southern California football league this past summer.

“There are potentially three games to be played depending on if his team wins the first two,” explained his dad, Chris Brunetti. “There is an actual Super Bowl for all age divisions. All of this is through a youth football organization called Offense-Defense Football Camps. They put on youth camps all over the country during the summer months when most kids are on summer break. They have been in existence for over 40 years and (are) considered one of the elite camps that are offered out there in youth football.”

He plays for the Escalon Outlaws, starting in that youth football program when he was eight years old. This year Giavanni played right tackle and center for the Outlaws while for his camp he played wide receiver.

“He enjoys all sports and loves participating in any team sport,” noted his dad.

Age divisions at the Offense-Defense camps range for athletes from seven to 17.

Brunetti said the decision to go to Los Angeles for the summer session this year was based on a couple of factors.

“One being because of the elite talent that Southern California youth football produces and to expose him to the best of the best,” Brunetti said. “Secondly it’s a summer vacation that we all enjoy.”

The athletes are coached by ex-NFL players along with personnel from the college ranks and local high schools in the area.

“It is a four day camp with three full days of practices broken down by age groups and position played,” Brunetti explained. “Along with conditioning there is instruction on player safety, technique, teamwork and sportsmanship with additional emphasis on integrity, respect and working hard which builds character and instills good habits and teaches good life lessons.”

Giavanni took part in the three days of camps and then received his formal invitation to the All-American Bowl at the awards ceremony that served as the camp’s conclusion.

“There were about 15 chosen this year ranging from all age divisions,” said Brunetti of athletes selected from the Los Angeles area camp.

Preliminary games for the various age divisions for the end of the year bowl games will be at Daytona Beach, with the final ‘Super Bowl’ played at the Orange Bowl.