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Hudson Wins Super Eliminator Class Race
Taking home the win in the Super Eliminator Class recently from Bakersfield was Matt Hudson, currently third in the overall class standings. Photo Contributed

After a good showing in his first race in April, Matt Hudson followed up with one win in Super Eliminator class on Sunday with a pass at 9.36 sec @ 132mph. On his second run of that second April competition, he was on the holding rope, engine running but when he put it in gear the prop shaft coupler broke, ending the weekend. The V-drive was also damaged. After repairs to the boat, including repairing the V-drive, it was off again to Bakersfield on May 21 and 22.

At this race, Hudson entered both the 9 second bracket - the boat with the closest ET (Elapsed Time) to 9 seconds wins - and Super Eliminator - you have to declare how fast your boat will travel down the quarter-mile track. Saturday is qualifying day and Hudson’s best qualifying pass was 8.87 sec @ 131mph. On Sunday, in the 9 second bracket, he made a legal single and laid down a blistering pass of 8.72 sec @ 136mph. In his next pass, in the 9 second bracket, he went too fast, (8.90 sec - broke out) so he lost. He was still alive in the Super Eliminator class. In the first round, Hudson declared an 8.75 ET and he ran an 8.86 sec @ 132mph with a win. The second round was a bye-run with an 8.76 sec @ 131mph.

In the semi-final round, Hudson declared an 8.72 and he ran an 8.76 sec @ 125mph, for a win. In the finals, he declared an 8.72 again and this time ran an 8.77 sec @ 125mph and won the Super Eliminator class for his first big win in only his third time racing. Hudson is third in points with 300 in Super Eliminator. His next race will be in September in Bakersfield.

“Thanks to Farmer'’ Blacksmith and Welding for all their help and to Dave Hernandez for being the best drop-off and pick-up man a racer could ask for,” Hudson said.