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Fishing Report
Bass pix
Shown, local angler Randy Blankenship of Manteca with a 19-pound Striper he caught while fishing near Turtle Beach on Tuesday, Nov 15.

One of the many things that I’ve learned over the years is to not assume that there aren’t any dishonest people around the many marinas and businesses that I visit. One of the toughest lessons that I learned while out fishing was coming back to my boat’s trailer that had been stripped of its axle and wheels. I’m not sure if it’s changed over the years, but I remember leaving my things out in the open without worrying about someone stealing it, especially while at the lake. Those times have changed. I don’t know many friends that haven’t had anything stolen from them while out fishing. I highly recommend locking up all spare tires, tool boxes, and covering up any loose valuables that you may have in your stored in your vehicle. As much as I wouldn’t mind saving a few dollars by using some of the less expensive local boat launch sites. I’ve since realized that those free launches can possibly end up being the most expensive trip you’ve ever taken.


Delta Report:

Striped bass fishing continues to pick up for anglers fishing a variety of techniques. The three techniques that are working right now are drifting live bait, trolling broken back rebels, and spooning jigs where schools of fish are present. Largemouth bass fishing has been hit or miss lately. Anglers catching bass are having luck while flipping jigs around Island points and tulle clumps.


New Melones Lake:

Trout fishing is starting to improve with a lot of nice sized trout being caught while trolling between 80 and 100 feet deep. Anglers trolling for trout are trolling Rapalas and spoons along the main river channel. The water temperature continues to drop which should be bringing the trout closer to the surface. Bass fishing remains good as bass are starting to feed as the cooler weather approaches. Swimbaits have been responsible for the largest catches while anglers are catching large numbers of fish while tossing rip baits and crankbaits. There is also a good deep water bite for anglers who prefer to drag soft plastics. Glory Hole Point continues to be the only launch ramp open on the lake. All launching is off an unpaved launch ramp. Having a vehicle equipped with 4x4 is highly recommended especially with rain in the forecast.


Lake Don Pedro:

Bass fishing has picked up recently. Anglers are doing well while fishing jigs and soft plastics down to forty feet. Trout and king salmon have yet to show up. Typically, the fishing is good on the lake this time of year but everything seems pushed back until the cooler weather settles in.


Lake Amador:

The lake is getting planted regularly with Mt. Lassen trout. Some anglers are doing well while fishing with Power Bait and others are doing well while tossing Kastmasters. The trout plants will be every other week until May. There was a large bass caught recently by an angler fishing for trout indicating that the bigger bass may be taken on a trout imitating swimbait. Currently the lake is within 18 feet of being full.


Lake Camanche:

The lake and the pond were planted recently with Mt. Lassen trout. Anglers are beginning to have luck while trolling in the lake and fishing in the ponds for trout. The bait of choice right now for those trolling is Speedy Shiners. For those fishing in the pond, most of them have preferred to use Power Bait. Bass fishermen continue to have luck while fishing shad imitating lures along island tops or main lake points. Late fall is a great time to target bluff banks found throughout the lake and with all the trout plants an angler searching for a trophy bass may want to give a swimbait a try.


Tip of the Week:

When choosing a lock for all your equipment, I learned the hard way the importance of buying a good quality lock that won’t rust. An extra $10 would have saved me several hours stranded on the side of the highway while trying to unlock my boat trailer’s spare tire that had rusted itself closed.