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Escalon High School Hosts Wing-T Camp
Wing-T Power Sweep
An Escalon High School running back charges full speed down-hill during a run through of the Power Sweep running play. The play is set up by the quarterback who fakes to the fullback and gives it to the running back who runs to the outside. - photo by DENNIS D. CRUZ/THE TIMES

Although it is only mid-June, football fever is spreading across the nation and Escalon High School (EHS) appeared to be the source of a major outbreak over June 6-June 8. EHS was the host of the 29th annual Wing-T program where approximately 250-275 high school football players from four other schools attended the program.  

The Wing-T program focuses on strictly the offense. It is a program that is designed to help the offensive line learn blocking assignments, have fullbacks learn how to be a lead blocker for the running backs and making holes for them, helping tight ends become better blockers while also being a part of the passing game. It also focuses on developing quarterbacks to make decisions by play calling under center, reading defenses and timing. Wing-T is also dedicated in helping wide receivers execute their route running and play making abilities.  

Wing-T prides themselves in safety first. Over the course of the weekend they had nine practices that were ran as “non-contact” in shorts to prevent unnecessary injury to any of the athletes. To help prevent dehydration, they also took regular breaks to replenish themselves with water breaks.  

“Escalon was a part of our first camp 29 years ago out on the east coast and we have always kept in touch. It has been a great friendship ever since,” said Princeton University Assistant Head Coach, Steve Virvit.

Virvit was one of many coaches that made the trip to EHS over the three-day camp. Also lending a hand in the camp were Westchester University Head Coach Bill Zwann, Mercy Hurst College Head Coach Marty Schatzle, Bucknell Head Coach Joe Susan as well as high school coaches, including EHS own Mark Loureiro. Loureiro has been the head football coach for the Cougars since 1989 and was impressed with the way things went for the camp as a whole.

“Camp went great. We got to evaluate the offense and we felt like they got better each day. It gave us the chance to look over some things that we will improve on during the summer, and will help us become a better team come August,” said Coach Loureiro. He went on to add, “This program helps the players develop the proper techniques and teaches them the fundamentals of each position.”