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Escalon Wrestling Club 2-12-20

A recent Sunday trip to Venture Academy in Stockton for a NorCal State ranking event saw the Escalon Wrestling Club take 10 wrestlers to the tournament.

In the morning session continuing to improve, taking fourth place was Milo Simoes. For the second week in a row looking as good as any wrestler in the club taking home another title was Jimmy McDowell.

This session was coached by Carlos Uriate and Mikey Simoes with Coach Derek Scott on hand if needed.

In the second session wrestling hard but hit with some bad breaks taking fourth was Daulton Shinn. Looking the best Coach Scott has ever seen him wrestle losing only to a returning State Champion and taking third was Houston Sizuela. Looking aggressive and tough as always taking runner up honors were Ethan Butler and Cole McDowell. Really coming on strong and winning tough matches to take home titles were Conner McDowell and Frankie Rodriguez.

“Out of our ten wrestlers we had eight placers and three champions. I thought we looked great,” said Scott.

The session was coached by Clinton Sizuela and Scott.