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El Portal Bowling 12-25-19

Val De Rose rolled to the top of the El Portal Bowling League in Dec. 12 action, going 36-20 on the day. They were followed by Elaine’s Travel, 32-24; Escalon Body & Frame, Dutch Girls, 28½-27½; Bartelink Dairy, 27-29; The Flocking Flamingoes, 26-30; Mis-Splits, 25½-30½; Always Trying, 25-31; Foxie Ladies, 24-32; Pin-Ups, 23½-24½.

For the week, leaders were Connie Johnson, 169 scratch game and 235 handicap game; Mary Panero, 442 scratch series and Sherri Coey, 632 handicap series.

Weekly competition on Dec. 19 once again showed the Val De Rose crew on top, 37-23. Next was Elaine’s Travel, 36-24; Escalon Body & Frame, 31½-28½; Bartelink Dairy, 31-29; The Flocking Flamingoes, 29-31; Dutch Girls, 28½-31½; Pin-Ups, 27-25; Mis-Splits, 26-34; Always Trying, Foxie Ladies, 25-35.

Weekly leaders were Kelly Homen with the high scratch game, 192 and high scratch series, 520; Gaynl Allec, 253 handicap game; and Allec, Sherri Coey and Sandy Cox tied for high handicap aeries, 634.

Season to date leaders include Kelly Homen, individual high average 162.85 and scratch series 556; Cindy Kruger and Stacy Lub, 201 scratch game; Paula Phipps, handicap series 694; Lenny Nottley, 256 handicap game.

Bowlers will next meet on Thursday, Jan. 2 at 10 a.m. at McHenry Bowl in Modesto.