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El Portal Bowling 11-24-21
graphic bowl

Competitors in the El Portal Bowling League continue their weekly gatherings, bowling Thursday mornings at McHenry Bowl in Modesto.

Following is a recap of recent action.


NOV. 11

Rolling along, with a mark of 24-16, M&R again topped the leaderboard in the weekly bowling action. Three teams were tied with 23-17 efforts, Pin-Ups, Elaine’s Travel and IV Leagues. They were followed by The Racketeers, 22-18; Vel De Rose, 19½-20½; Foxy Ladies, 18-22; Fabulous Flamingos, 17½-22½; Bartelink Dairy, 17-23; Escalon Body & Frame, 13-27.

Top scores for the week were recorded by Tracy Marshall, 171 scratch game and 468 scratch series; Janet Caudill, 230 handicap game; Sherri Coey, 641 handicap series.

For the season to date, Tracy Marshall has the individual high average, 166.93, and high scratch series, 582. Chris Magana has the high scratch game, 206; Suzanne Pater, handicap series, 670; Delores Borba, handicap game, 260.


NOV. 4

M&R was on top with a 23-13 mark for the week, followed by Elaine’s Travel, 22-14; Pin-Ups, IV Leagues, 20-16; The Racketeers, 19-17; Vel De Rose, 18½-17½; Fabulous Flamingos, 17½-18½; Foxy Ladies, Bartelink Dairy, 14-22; Escalon Body & Frame, 12-24.

Tracy Marshall had the high scratch game, 170, for the week while Sandy Cox had the high handicap game, 236. Jennifer Cunningham rolled the high scratch series, 477, and the high handicap series, 666, for the week.