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Barracudas Edge Past Orcas In Tough Competition
In what proved to be a head to head match up of the Escalon Orcas and Riverbank Barracudas, the host Riverbank squad was just a few points better on Friday night, taking a 126-110 win out of the pool.

Five points were awarded for all first place finishes on the night, three for second place and a point for the third place finishers in each event, with the competition close all the way through.

It was the third meeting of the squads this season, though the Delhi Sailfish had also been present at the first two meets. The competitive season wraps up with a meet in Escalon on Friday, Aug. 1 at 6 p.m.

For the visiting Escalon Orcas, there were some standout performances, as all members of the team did their part to help contribute to the point total.

Amanda Wendland took first place in the 100 IM in the 13-18 age group, completing the event in 1:20.25. In the 25 free, Teagan Nahhas was first for Escalon in the 5-6 age group in 36.38 and Logan Adams was third. Casey Pettit picked up points for his third place finish in the 11-12 100 IM in 1:40.53, while Cassidy Pehl was first in 22.56 and Caitlin Pehl third in 24.75 in the 7-8 25 free.

In the 9-10 50 free, Kendelle Messersmith was second at 42.47, while Casey Pettit was third in the 11-12 50 free at 36.81.

Picking up second place honors in the 13-18 100 free was Amanda Wendland, 1:15.43. Teagan Nahhas was first, 40.81 and Santiago Oliva was second, 43.91 in the 5-6 breaststroke for Escalon, Dylan Flores took first in the 7-8 25 breast for the Orcas in 35.50 and Rebecca Moniz was second, 35.57. In the 50 breast for the 9-10 group, Kendelle Messersmith was first, 52.38 and Kelly Colbert was third, 59.47.

Hailey Metzler was a first place finisher for Escalon in the 13-18 100 breast event, 1:53.35; with Francisco Grajeda second in 1:57.81 and Vaughn Kennedy completing the Orcas sweep, taking third, 1:58.40.

In the 25 back for 5-6, it was Teagan Nahhas first in 33.06 and Logan Adams taking second in 41.56; Cassidy Pehl was first in the 7-8 25 back, 27.56 and Dylan Flores was third, 32.88. Sarah Leal grabbed second place in 56.75 in the 9-10 50 back and in the 50 back for the 11-12 age group, Casey Pettit was third, 42.50.

It was a third place finish for Hailey Metzler in the 100 back for 13-18, turning in a time of 1:56.84. Escalon swept the 25 fly in the 7-8 group, paced by Cassidy Pehl at 27.66; Dylan Flores second, 34.81; Teagan Nahhas, third, 41.72.

Nicole Luis was second in the 9-10 50 fly at 1:06.31 and Azela Souza was third in 58.12 in the 50 fly for 11-12.

Rhiannon Goss took first in the 13-18 50 fly, 43.91, followed by Talon Nahhas, second in 44.15.

The Orcas were first place finishers in the 6-10 IM relay with a team of Sarah Leal, Kelly Colbert, Kaitlyn Mayfield and Kendelle Messersmith, 1:41.71.

Lauren Cathcart, Jacob Mendez, Casey Pettit and Leah Martinez combined for second place honors, 3:14.00, in the 11-12 200 IM relay and the Orcas closed out the meet with a second place effort from the 13-18 200 IM relay team of Hailey Metzler, Madison Hawkins, Rhiannon Goss and Amanda Wendland, 2:51.45.