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Stuff 'n Nonsense R&R, Research, And A Business Trip
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My husband and I married young (sounds like a confession, doesn't it?) and our ceremony was nothing like the weddings I've attended recently (as in the big affair with flowers, crying bridesmaids, drunk groomsmen, and cake) because we had a 1-year-old toddler by that time, only enough cash to pay for the modest Chapel Of The Bells ceremony (it's amazing how many couples I know who were married there!) and a two-night stay in our Reno hotel. After the ceremony we weren't whisked away by an awaiting limousine for a week-long luxurious, fun-filled, hedonistic honeymoon like so many of my friends who waited to say "I Do" for both my husband and I had to work that following Monday and well, rent waited for no one - least of all for two young kids who didn't have enough sense to fill a cereal bowl.

So, the whole thing was a little anti-climatic but I figured that was okay because we'd take a honeymoon later when we'd saved up a little cash to go somewhere nice.

It's funny how those things turn out. Never got that honeymoon. There never seemed to be enough time or money to indulge ourselves in such a way and I'd given up on ever getting that special getaway with the man I'd given my heart and soul (not to mention my girlish figure).

Until now.

Cue that drum roll, please. After 16 years (almost 17 soon) my husband and I are going away, just the two of us, for what we are calling our "Humboldt Honeymoon." I've booked a rustic, historic 100-year-old farmhouse bed and breakfast for our stay in Mendocino County (the furthest tip of Mendocino, nearest to Humboldt) and we're going to be tourists, take pictures, eat too much, sleep in, chat with locals, take more pictures, eat more food, sit in a Jacuzzi under the stars, listen to the crash of the ocean from our beach cottage and, oh yeah, do lots of that "other" honeymoon stuff. You know what I'm talking about (insert lecherous grin).