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Lent and Love
Mommy Musings 3-27-24

I recently had a friend share, “I look forward to the day when you can truly move on and not think about dying.”

At the time it was said, I thought … yeah. Me too.

Then last week, in the early morning, as I sat on my bike, spinning and spinning I began thinking about this week’s column. The topic would of course be about what I gave up for Lent, because personally it was impactful and if there’s one mission I always hope to accomplish in this space it has always been to have some sort of impact. Even if just on one person.

Lent 2024 for me was a first. I mean that quite literally. It was indeed a first time in my life that I’ve given something up. Well, two things actually.

The sourdough bread struggle post-COVID is real. Since losing weight in 2011, I’ve never really returned to bread, that is until everyone I know started baking it. My alternative doc also had shared that sourdough bread, when made right is actually “okay.” Suddenly it became a norm for me, which I truly didn’t need. I choose to view it as a treat.

So off it went for Lent.

Another piece of my life I’ve come to recognize as a non-necessity would be Facebook. I’ve struggled with this forum for quite some time. Always followed by, I need access for my job.

You see sadly, gone are the days when people would call the newspaper to share exciting news they’d like to see in our pages, now they just turn to Facebook.

At the risk of making my job harder, I gave that up too.

So bread and Facebook were my Lent sacrifices.

The irony of the bread sacrifice was each time it was offered over the course of the six weeks I thought about what true sacrifice looks like. For me as a Christian this is a time of true awareness and giving up bread was just that.

Same would hold true for Facebook, as I recognized how still my life became. This epiphany quite honestly didn’t come until last week as I recognized how many people I hadn’t heard from since logging out of my Facebook page. Not only did I recognize my circle had seemingly shrunk, I reflected on the ones who were still in my ‘check-in’ feed and became grateful.

And then there’s the topic of death.

Truth be told it’s hard to walk through the Lenten season in the midst of sacrifice and not think about death. It’s equally hard to know the battle you’ve faced, the hands that you’ve held of those no longer here and not think about death and how blessed you are. As this hit me last week on my bike, I cried.

I cried because of so many things which have been overcome. So many people who rallied in support of myself and my family. I also cried recognizing it is indeed something no one can properly understand until you walk it. The fragile nature of life I promise you is not lost on a survivor (or their loved ones).

Nothing and no one in my life is taken for granted. The moments they are fleeting and the memories are vast. Grudges and harsh words no longer serve my life. Negativity and gossip a simple waste of time. I truly didn’t miss the social media site; bread … well maybe.

Now as we come upon the end of the sacrifice, I continue to be grateful. Grateful for the sacrifice of life for our sins, grateful for the awareness over the past six weeks and grateful to be here to rejoice and love. Happy Easter.


Teresa Hammond is a staff reporter for The Oakdale Leader, The Riverbank News and The Escalon Times. She may be reached at or by calling 209-847-3021.