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What About The Homeless?
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Dear Editor,

Homeless people in America have been a big issue in my opinion, more and more homeless people have been seen in the streets of America. This is a problem to America because we as a nation should be providing help for each other. If people don’t like watching homeless people asking for money in the streets, then maybe they should do something about it. America should either provide homeless people help or make more homeless shelters. No one knows why a person who is homeless is even homeless. A homeless person probably lost their job and couldn’t find another job. They probably have a family of their own to feed and probably go out in the streets for money to buy food. We as a nation should be doing something to help homeless people in America, and make America a better place. If I had money I would make more shelters and try to get the homeless people jobs.

America should be doing something about this situation, because it is becoming a big deal.


Maritza Aguilera

Escalon High School student