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Thoughts On Food Safety
letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

Most food safety rules and restrictions are used for any establishment that involves food/beverages. But there is one thing that most establishments overlook or disregard, Salad bars/buffets. Salad bar buffets are one of the most unregarded things that almost every manager/owner doesn’t pay much attention to. If you have ever been to a restaurant/beverage establishment you will notice that most things at Salad bar buffets are almost empty due to it being a public favorite which should be filled much more frequently especially if it is a necessity to the meal (like a certain ranch with a salad). If something like this cannot be fulfilled then most customers will slowly lose interest in this product or the salad bar buffets in general which can be bad businesses for the manager.

But one of the leading problems with buffets is that most if not all salad bar buffets are not well supervised and protected. This can lead to bugs in food if doors are frequently open or due to the outdoor seating doors, and not everyone can be trusted alone. Some people won’t order the salad bar/buffet and yet still take food from it, which can ruin profits for managers and leave customers with less and as some would say the bottom of the barrel.

An employee should either be given an optional small bonus for watching over the bar/buffet during lunch, or a separate job given to employees during summer or weekends for part time employees that have flexible hours. I believe that this resolution can help this nationwide problem.


AJ Cerasi