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Make Your Voice Heard
Letter To The Editor 6-21-23

Dear Editor,

This goes out to all who irrigate with water from SSJID (South San Joaquin Irrigation District); I want to bring to your attention a letter you received from the SSJID Board of Directors telling you they plan to raise your irrigation taxes each year for the next five years. In five years, your taxes will be three times what they are now. The Ag Industry cannot support this increase. You are being given a chance to protest such a large increase. In order to do so, you must return the form on the last page with the address and APN of your parcel(s) written on the outside of the envelope. Anyone who does not send a protest is voting to increase the tax.

Please read the letter and then decide what you want to do. Also, encourage your neighbors to read their letter.

Kay Degerman