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From Our Readers
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Dear Editor,

Texting while driving is a major problem because it is causing more and more accidents. People are focusing on their phones opposed to paying attention to their driving. This is a huge problem because it has caused a lot more deaths. If people would pay more attention to the road and the drivers around them instead of their phones then there would be a lot less deaths that are caused from texting while driving.

People should think about the responsibility that comes along with driving. When people text while driving they are not only putting themselves and their passengers in danger but all the people that are on the road as well. I think with more education and possibly providing actual facts to drivers may help lower the amount of drivers that text while driving.

Would you risk your life just to send a text to someone or could it wait? If drivers understood this or cared enough to it could save your life as well as others that are on the road with you. All I am saying is people should pay more attention to the road and their driving, not your phone.

Thank you,

Paul Ayala



For Student, Crowd Safety


Dear Editor,

I think our school student section needs an upgrade. We currently can barely fit us students in our section and have to squeeze. The seats are very unstable when everyone stands during the game. It feels as if each step and seat is going to flip. Making it very difficult to stand for long periods of time. Also when all the students are standing in the front along the gate it makes it hard for elders on scooters and wheelchairs to see. The bleachers are built on dirt and moldy cement and go downhill. If you drop food or a phone between the seats it’s pretty much gone. Unless you want to dig through old food and years of moss and plant growth. I think the cement beneath the seats should be redone and made more flat like even with the stair steps. The seats themselves should also be supported better, maybe even some railings. The student section should be lengthened a few feet and a designated spot for the handicapped would make everyone more comfortable.


RJ Spivey



Online Bullying


Dear Editor,

Many teenagers go online every day to see that they are being made fun of, insulted, and see what new rumors other people have made of them. This is called cyber bullying. For quite some time now, this has been going on. Many teenagers get judged every day because of appearance. For example, not having expensive clothes, or judged by physical appearance. Some examples of this are, for instance, acne, weight – whether someone is too skinny or overweight. It’s hard to put an end to this since some come from an anonymous page. When behind a screen, anyone can say what they want because they won’t face any consequence. This is a problem because for many, life at home isn’t so good maybe emotionally or financially. All these insults can lead them to depression, and low self-esteem.

Many teenagers feel like there is no way out and no other solution. This leads to bigger problems like self-harm or even suicide. I don’t think that other people will ever stop talking or insulting each other but one thing we can do to have the results of these to be less and less, is simply believing in yourself, and being able to say that you know it’s not true. I think that knowing how to ignore and knowing your worth. Doing these things won’t give the “bully” what they want, your attention.

Sofia Lopez