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Find Time For Foster Children
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Dear Editor,

The number of children in foster care is a problem in America. Over half a million children and teens are in foster care facilities in the United States. Foster kids often come into these homes as victims of abuse or abandonment and they deserve better than a crowded house or even another unsafe environment. Many of these children after turning 18 leave their foster homes and go into the world without having a family. This leads to poverty, depression, and sometimes even drug use. America spends millions of dollars on foster children and very few end up finding a proper home.

These children are often moved from home to home, never really feeling like they belong. I think that more families need to look into their options to adopt. I understand that not everyone has the money, time, or patience to adopt a child but if you do then you should take action and make a positive change in a child’s life.

Kyra Wilson