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Calling all potential gardeners; it’s time to join in
Letter to the Editor 6-12-24

Dear Editor,

Wow! What wonderful benefits have been reaped these last few months from the Escalon Community Garden boxes! The vegetables: lettuce, romaine, broccoli, Swiss Chard, beets, celery, radishes, onions, and cabbages have been enjoyed throughout the winter months. Now the boxes are growing tomatoes, peppers, beans and squash, and let’s not forget all the beautiful flowers!

Thank you to the Seventh Day Adventist church for donating a section of their property for this project.

Thank you Escalon Strong for the vision and through many donations and volunteer hours have made this vision a reality. Where once only weeds grew, now there is the opportunity and benefit of growing healthy, pesticide-free veggies.

Thank you, Marg Jackson, for your support through articles and pictures promoting this project.

The benefits are many. For only $50 per year (that’s $4.16 per month!), the boxes come with dirt, compost and an automatic watering system. There are hoses available for extra watering, if needed. No rototilling, raking, or fighting gophers, and no pesticides. All we have had to do is plant, fertilize and maybe pull a few weeds, and then, of course, harvest the tasty veggies. And because of the climate in our area, we can grow veggies and flowers year-round. Next year some are going to grow potatoes and strawberries. Another benefit is no worry about too much shade, not enough sunshine. So many benefits. Gardening has never been so easy!

So, we just wanted to say a big “Thank You” to all who have made this possible and hope more people will want to share the experience of these awesome benefits. Boxes are available, check it out, make that phone call; 209-613-8708.

From grateful and happy gardeners,

Warren and Judy Council, Ken Flory, Lorraine Nicholson, co-president of EFCGC; Aldah Johnson, Steve and Karon Smith, Pastor retired, Bob and Carol Silva