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Business Etiquette
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Dear Editor,

I use one of the local businesses as my writing den. I use it because it is safe, warm, quiet, and close to home. I also use this local business because it contains no Wi-Fi, Internet, Podcasts, or television. I lastly use it because the owners and employees are kind and hospitable.

Sadly, customers do not always return the kindness. Students who come in are loud, rowdy, and use obscene language. I have seen some cheerleaders from the Escalon Outlaws be rude and obnoxious, continually fighting over cell phones. If I were representing Escalon in any way, I would want to act in a respectful way wherever I went to that I would and leave a positive impression.

I sometimes witness customers badger the counter clerk for lower prices than the discount for day old products. This business gives a lot of discounts at their own expense and also donates some of their goods to local charities. This business is the Donut Shack.

The people who operate the Donut Shack left horrific violence and bloodshed in their native Cambodia to see a safer and more prosperous life here in the United States. They are kind, polite, and generous. Please be respectful and grateful in return.

Thank you,

Teresa L. Vosper