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Best Birthday Ever
Letters To The Editor 9-2-20

Dear Editor,

A thank you to Karen Corey and her helpers that serve lunches at the Community Center here in Escalon – with the virus that is so bad with no groups gathering, the Community Center couldn’t be used. So they decided to have a drive by birthday party on the parking lot on July 7 for my 100th birthday.

I thought only people that used to come to lunch and exercise on Tuesdays and Thursdays would show up. But was I surprised – our mayor, the police and firemen, even our ambulance persons came by and so many cars, mostly decorated, and all waving and saying ‘Happy Birthday’ – oodles of cards, balloons, gifts and flowers and money. It was a very wonderful birthday party. THE BEST ever.

Thank you so much.

Love to all,

Jetty Hartgrove