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Variety Of Projects Progressing In Stages
Work continues on the renovation of the former Escalon Lumber Yard facility along First Street for new retail office space and the conversion of the old Prospect Street into a parking lot. Marg Jackson/The Times

From renovations at the former Escalon Lumber building to a mixed use project at the old Escalon City Hall/Police Department complex, there is plenty of progress being made on a number of ongoing projects in the city.

“Revitalization is underway at the former Escalon Lumber Yard, now owned by Larry Grossi,” explained Development Services Manager Dominique Romo. “Back in December, Mr. Grossi came to the Planning Commission with plans to remodel existing buildings and phase in the construction of future buildings to create leasable commercial units. This project includes storm improvements, installation of parking lots, landscaping, and street frontage improvements.”

An added bonus in the project, Romo noted, is that Grossi is also converting/constructing what was previously known as Prospect Street into a public parking area for customers patronizing the local businesses.

On the city’s east end, a major development is also making progress.

“We are happy to see that the Leer Village Project is moving along,” Romo said.

That expansive project will feature a mixed use arrangement, with some residential, some office space and a new building constructed on Third Street, a single family home.

“There will be four units in the old Police Department facility,” noted City Manager Tammy Alcantor. “They will be separate, basically considered as townhouses that will be available for purchase.”

The project site includes the old City Hall building in the 1800 block of Main, a lot along Third Street and the former Police Department building that fronts on Coley Avenue.

Plans for the former City Hall site include commercial offices in front with a couple of residential units in the back, along with the new single family home construction along Third Street.

Meanwhile, a building at the corner of Third Street and Jackson Avenue, at 1643 Jackson, was purchased by the owners of Bovee Environmental/JAB Creations, Brett and Juanita Bovee, and has been undergoing renovations and aesthetic improvements.

“Exciting city projects that are happening now include the city’s contractor ENGIE moving forward with the city-wide energy-savings projects. To date, the Escalon Library has received new HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and ionizers, and the Police Department has received updated HVAC controls,” Romo said. “All public facilities have had lighting updated to high-efficiency lights and ionizers installed. The city-wide water meter switch out is planned to start in the next couple of months and will take approximately four months to complete. This will give customers and city staff the ability to see real-time consumption and receive notifications about possible leaks. The new meters will also have the ability to be read remotely.”

Also on the schedule, the Hogan-Ennis Park stadium lights are scheduled to be replaced in May 2021. Solar canopies will be going up at the Community Center, Library, City Hall/Police Department, and the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Finally, said Romo, the local Taco Bell has also “been approved for an exterior/interior remodel, which should be starting up in the very near future.”

An expansive project that will see renovation of the old City Hall and Police Department complex downtown, by Leer Corporation, is seeing forward progress and will include both office space and residential uses. Marg Jackson/The Times