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Valley Builders Exchange awards student scholarships

The Valley Builders Exchange (VBE) recently announced that it has awarded scholarships to 24 area students, including high school seniors, college students, and trade school students. The total amount awarded was $28,500.

This year’s scholarship recipients are, in alphabetical order: Emma Albino, Yakima Alvarez, Diego Jusay Bautista Nava, Liam Callahan, Brannon Cathey, Ana Cervantes, Kate Elizabeth Chambers, Claire Cummins, Abigail Duckart, Anthony Edwards, Reese Facha, Myles Flint, Leslie Gonzalez, Oliver Helton, Darrius Higby, Jisselle Hinchey, Vanessa Hulbert, Bailey Johnson, Alyssa LaVelle, Makenna Leonard, Karime Mendez-Garcia, Garett Oxley, Sydney Streeter, and JewelyAnn White.

Of the honorees, Darrius Higby attends Escalon High School and Bailey Johnson attends Oakdale High School. Claire Cummins is from Oakdale and attends Northeastern University, Makenna Leonard is from Oakdale and attends Modesto Junior College.

Since 1998, VBE has been changing lives through scholarships, pouring over $320,650 into the dreams of its members’ students, due to the unwavering backing from a number of sponsors.

“We’re proud that recently we added a scholarship for women who are attending a trade school, or a construction related field. Together, we’re not just funding education, we’re igniting passions and shaping futures,” the scholarship announcement indicated.

Scholarship Committee Chair Julie Cole added the committee was “delighted to have an abundance of outstanding applicants this year,” all of whom truly deserve this scholarship.

Valley Builders Exchange is a non-profit corporation established in 1947 formed to provide on-line services that might be difficult to obtain on individual basis, as well as providing scholarships, educational events, and government advocacy. A main goal of VBE is keeping its members compliant and safe through industry trainings.