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Tips For Graduation Party Planners
grad party
From decorations to guests to food, graduation parties provide perfect opportunities for grads to unwind and celebrate their achievements with family and friends.

Graduation is a milestone moment worthy of celebration. Whether newly minted graduates will be pursuing further education after donning their caps and gowns or embarking on their lives as professionals, come commencement season, graduates and their families should pause to celebrate and recognize the hard work it took for grads to earn their degrees.

Graduation parties provide perfect opportunities for grads to unwind and celebrate their achievements. People tasked with planning such festivities can heed the following tips to make sure the party is one grads won’t soon forget.

 Ask grads before devising the guest list. Since the day is all about the recent graduate, let him or her provide input about the guest list. Some grads may be uncomfortable serving as the focal point of a large soirée, while others may prefer family gatherings or less formal affairs with only friends. The goal of the party is to celebrate the new graduate, so make sure they’re comfortable with who is in attendance. If grads choose a friend-heavy guest list, plan a dinner out with family on another night.

Personalize the affair. Much like birthday parties, graduation parties are celebrating a particular guest of honor. As a result, planners should not hesitate to personalize graduation parties so they reflect the grad who’s being honored. If the guest of honor just earned his or her law degree, order a cake in the shape of Lady Justice. Planners tasked with honoring college grads on their way to medical school can ask guests to don scrubs or white coats. Such personal touches can add fun to the festivities while still honoring the new grad.

 Invite teachers. Some graduates form strong bonds with teachers who helped them get through difficult coursework or provided invaluable advice during their academic careers. Make sure these people, who may include teachers past and present, are invited to the party, and recognize their role in helping the guest of honor achieve his or her academic and professional goals.

Speak with other parents/planners. Graduation season is a social time of year. Planners and parents can speak with one another to ensure that parties are not scheduled on the same day. This allows all graduates to enjoy their moment in the sun and ensures friends won’t miss the chance to celebrate one another’s accomplishments. Planners and parents can even coordinate parties together if graduates express a desire to do so.