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SJCOE Picks Historic Stockton Building For HQ

The San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE) recently announced the purchase of the historic Kendall Building, located in Downtown Stockton.

The building will act as the new headquarters for the SJCOE’s software engineering department, which provides software and coding services to more than 5,000 school districts nationwide, and operates Code Stack Academy, Stockton’s first accelerated software engineering school, which was opened by the SJCOE in 2018.

“The Kendall Building in Downtown Stockton is the ideal location for the SJCOE’s growing software engineering department, which develops software used in education in every one of California’s 58 counties,” San Joaquin County Superintendent of Schools James Mousalimas said. “We are excited to be a part of the growth of a vibrant Downtown Stockton that is continuing to add more ways for people to work and live in the heart of the city.”

In addition to developing and maintaining applications used by school districts – such as the education job-posting site EDJOIN and the SEIS (Special Education Information Systems) records management system – SJCOE software engineers also provide services to several statewide agencies, including the California Department of Education, the California, Department of Health Care Services, and the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.

Created in 2002 to develop innovative software solutions for SJCOE departments and programs, SJCOE’s software engineering department now includes a nationwide profile, a media/marketing department, and a staff of 78. In 2018, it added Code Stack Academy to provide affordable and immersive coding instruction for students while creating a tech-savvy workforce to meet the growing demand for tech workers in the region.

The five-story Kendall Building at 430 E. Weber Ave. includes approximately 25,000 square feet to accommodate future growth of the department, which has outgrown its space on the SJCOE’s main campus in southeast Stockton. The Kendall Building is being renovated by Ten Space and is expected to be ready to open in 2020. The majority of the first floor will be leased back to Ten Space to provide an additional location for another use in Downtown Stockton.

“It is great to see the San Joaquin County Office of Education’s software engineering department move into our historic downtown Kendall Building,” Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs said. “This move represents a new trajectory for Stockton, where tech companies and their employees can take advantage of everything our downtown has to offer, while building a foundation for a new generation of skilled workers ready for today’s and tomorrow’s technology jobs.”

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