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Should We Be Worried?
Senior Corner 6-30-20

This past weekend, we decided to take our three- and five-year-old granddaughters on a two night beach camping trip. We have a small motorhome that has a large bed in the back, a couch bed and a bed that comes down over the front driver’s seat. We had to plan for everything, so needless to say, they came with six bags and two beach chairs. We never use the bed above the front seats so my husband decided that to keep from tripping over six bags and two beach chairs the entire time, we would bring the bed down to store all of their things. We have a Class A motorhome that allows the front seats to swivel which makes the entire front of the motor home part of the living space. He also had the great idea of hanging a towel from the bed so that we would see it and if going to sit in those seats, wouldn’t bang our heads. I thought; great idea that will work.

Well, not only did it not work but we both mindlessly hit our heads so many times that I think my ears rang on the last one. My husband, at various times of impact, let out some not so nice words which were luckily muffled by cartoons on my iPad. How did we keep forgetting that the stupid bed was down? Several times as we approached the front area to sit we would blindly practically knock ourselves out once again. Was it short term memory loss, inability to multitask or just the happenstance of approaching the 70s, who knows? The fact that we both knocked ourselves silly several times made me feel oddly better because, at least it wasn’t just me. I’m not going to dwell on what we might have lost from the head banging.

We had a great time which included lots of little girl hugs and we lived to tell about it. In addition to the outcome, we both have a permanent twitch each time we approach that area of the motorhome. We felt it necessary to make a pact that we would never let that head buster bed down again. Also, as soon as we can think straight, we will contact whoever adds warnings to things for people over 60!


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