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Science Wizard Entertains Crowd At Escalon Library
Mixing in plenty of science along with his humorous stories, Jordan the Science Wizard wowed the crowd at the library for Science Saturday, creating flames in mid-air.

There were experiments, jokes, audience interaction and plenty of excitement at the Escalon Library on Saturday, July 6.

Jordan the Science Wizard brought his assortment of items to inform and entertain, offering scientific information to youngsters in a fun environment.

Smoke rings, creating fire in mid-air, showcasing the effects of various gases and water pressure – all the demonstrations were designed to present a scientific principle shown in a hands on activity.

The audience – kids and parents alike – enjoyed the antics of the Science Wizard in the fast-paced show and several attendees had the chance to help with a number of the experiments.

Many, the Science Wizard explained, could be tried at home but others are best left to professionals.

The roughly hour-long performance was part of the Science Saturday series, which is offered the first Saturday of each month at the local library.

It wrapped up with the popular Mentos-into-soda experiment, which provides a huge burst of sticky, foamy soda shooting out of a two-liter bottle, with that finale presented outside the library.

The popular exploding soda trick was part of the finale for the Science Wizard, with this particular demonstration hosted outside the library on Saturday, July 6.
Utilizing smoke and air, the Science Wizard and his helper create some smoke rings, sending them out into the crowd at the library on Saturday.